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We are a Seasoned Contract Manufacturing Company

With more than 50 years of experience in electronic manufacturing services, Spinnaker Contract Manufacturing will get your job right the first time. We work with a diverse customer base on projects ranging from material procurement, cable and wire harness production, and printed circuit board population, to full electromechanical assemblies and box builds. From prototype to full production, our professional team fully supports every stage of a project’s development.


"At Spinnaker, we pride ourselves on our flexibility, teamwork and state-of-the-art automation. We are an ISO 13485: 2016 and 9001: 2015 certified company with outstanding procedures, continuous on-time delivery and lean manufacturing standards. Our automation helps to assure competitive pricing and our service-oriented team builds solutions to achieve your company’s goals."


Guy Nickerson, President

Spinnaker Contract Manufacturing
Spinnaker Contract Manufacturing

Our Mission


  • To exceed customer expectations in quality, delivery, and service while building long-term relationships based on exceptional customer satisfaction and employee empowerment.

  • To be a leading EMS provider recognized for our exceptional service and product quality.

  • To provide our customers with products and services that meet or exceed their expectations and continually improve our quality performance while meeting applicable requirements.


The Spinnaker Team

 At Spinnaker Contract Manufacturing, our mission is to exceed the expectations of our customers through the pursuit of excellence and exceptional service. We accomplish this by providing our customers with the fastest equipment, strongest team, and best manufacturing software available to yield the highest quality processes, delivery and price. Our seasoned leadership team not only understands the challenges our clients face daily, but also consistently works to recognize and take advantage of opportunities to add value to the contract manufacturing process.

A Word From Our Team

"Great people working towards a single goal, all the while making lasting memories and finding some lifelong friends along the way"

8 Years at Spinnaker

Richard Price

"I enjoy working at Spinnaker because it is a privately owned, family-run company that fosters a career-focused employment experience, thereby encouraging reciprocated employee-employer loyalty and opportunities (and many other benefits). I'm proud to tell people that I work here."

12 Years at Spinnaker

Matt Otto

"I enjoy working for Spinnaker because we are not just a company but a family that works together to achieve and surpass our goals and our customer's expectations."

18 Years at Spinnaker

Debbie Gebo

"Together, we create innovative solutions that make our processes faster and better."

7 Years at Spinnaker

Hanz Busch
Contract Manufacturing

Our Purpose


Delivering superior products and services consistently.


Collaborating effectively to achieve common goals.


Creating new efficient solutions for evolving challenges.


Dedication to meeting our promises and responsibilities.


Expanding capabilities and market presence continually.


Enabling individuals to maximize their potential.




The Spinnaker Advantage

What makes Spinnaker different?  We always go the extra mile to be responsive and flexible — our team builds quality products, on time, at the right price.

Our full suite of electronic manufacturing services can be customized to fit your company or products’ unique needs. With a successful track record of helping bring products to market faster, we’ve been able to create regular opportunities to remain innovative in our approach to solving bottlenecks in manufacturing. Even when our customers have seemingly unreasonable short-turn requests, we rise to the challenge and consistently work to deliver what we promise. Our Materials Resource Planning system gives the ability to identify the best price and the right lead time EVERY time.

Not certain about what combination of electronic manufacturing services you need? Contact us and consult with our professional staff. We are confident that Spinnaker can make the difference with your next product. Give us a chance and we will show you how The Spinnaker Advantage delivers the services you need and the value you desire.

Our Certifications:

Our machine operators are OEM certified; training is a vital part of our culture.

Our Certifications

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