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Documentation Engineering


Transition from Design to Manufacturing

The transition from design to manufacturing is a crucial phase in the product development process. It involves converting detailed design specifications into a tangible product through a series of structured steps.  The transition begins as you finalize the design,  ensuring all aspects, including functionality, aesthetics, and compliance with standards, are thoroughly vetted and designed for manufacturing.


Once the design is finalized, a detailed plan is created, encompassing material procurement, tooling, production methods, and quality assurance processes. 


Involves sourcing the required raw materials and components, often necessitating coordination with suppliers to ensure timely delivery and adherence to quality specifications.


The process of designing and creating the necessary tools for production, is another critical step. This includes developing custom stencils, applicators, jigs, and fixtures that are essential for the efficient and precise manufacturing of your product.


Production methods are then established, determining the most efficient and cost-effective ways to manufacture your product. This includes selecting the appropriate manufacturing techniques, such as pick-and-place, selective solder, wave solder, hand-solder, crimp center termination, and additive manufacturing. Each method is chosen based on the product’s material configuration, design complexity, and volume requirements.


Quality assurance is integral to this transition. It involves rigorous testing and validation to ensure the product meets all design specifications and industry standards. This step includes developing test protocols, X-rays, and continuous quality checks throughout the production process.

A pilot run or initial production batch is often conducted to identify and resolve any issues or before full-scale manufacturing begins. This ensures that the transition from design to manufacturing is smooth, minimizing risks and ensuring that the final product is ready for market launch.

documentation engineering


Quality & Engineering

Whether working on a new product introduction, tackling a short-turn critical order, or delivering a turnkey solution to our customers, Spinnaker Contract Manufacturing is committed to manufacturing excellence when building to our customers’ documentation and direction. Spinnaker diligently identifies and incorporates all customer requirements at the onset of every job. Throughout the process, we encourage dialog with our customers to establish clear quality and delivery expectations. We create suitable quality plans and processes that are analyzed and measured at appropriate intervals to:


  • Ensure the early detection of problems

  • Identify opportunities for cost reductions

  • Achieve quality improvement

  • Establish statistical controls and evaluations

  • Guarantee satisfaction with the product we deliver


At Spinnaker, we differentiate ourselves from our competition by providing:


  • Exemplary customer service

  • Manufacturing discipline

  • Rigorous test and inspection

  • Scheduling and delivery flexibility

  • Immediate Traceability

documentation engineering
documentation engineering


The Spinnaker Advantage

Spinnaker is able to meet aggressive prototype timelines and time to market objectives by understanding the NPI marketplace and recognizing expedited requirements.

  • Our supply chain delivers

  • Our design for manufacturing will cost out for you

  • Our team adapts to product changes through flexibility

  • Our quality, price and delivery will drive your best successes

  • Our test, inspection, and verification accelerate time to market

  • Our NPI services will help create your advantage


Spinnaker knows how important a successful launch of a new product is to our clients and knows that exceptional service and flexibility are the only way to get there. We have invested significantly in our New Product Introduction process. Understanding the needs of our clients by taking the time to fully comprehend all goals and requirements, Spinnaker is able to continue to grow its long list of successful New Product Introductions. Exceeding expectations is our mission at Spinnaker — ensuring that every new product receives the level of attention that it deserves.

Contact us today to learn more about Spinnaker Contract Manufacturing and how our team can make the difference in your next New Product Introduction.

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