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Defense & Homeland Security

Defense and Homeland Security

Defense & Homeland Security


The customer, a U.S. Defense contractor, suddenly received a request for an assembly used in the field by U.S. soldiers stationed in both Iraq and Afghanistan. These assemblies required 5,000 Specialized RF Filters to be built and delivered within 30 days, and with full functional testing performed. The high mix and complexity of the filter had typically required much of the work to be performed by hand. The lack of notice and short lead time also served as another obstacle for this Defense Priority 1 assignment. Spinnaker’s team rose to the challenge!


  • Spinnaker identified the best fit raw material suppliers to build on a short turn through our Supply Chain Management system.

  • Engineering automated the assembly to deliver the quick turn and necessary cost containment.

  • Spinnaker developed custom test fixtures for full functional testing.


  • Within 3 days turn, Spinnaker had identified the correct suppliers so that material would arrive with sufficient time to meet the deadline. Our longstanding relationships with our suppliers gives us preferential service that we pass along to you.

  • Our production engineers knew that our Surface Mount Technology (SMT) machines were the solution to quick turn requirements and an excellent resource for reducing costs, thus, we designed panels for SMT placement and created a competitive advantage. We were able to place all SMT parts within hours of material receipt.

  • We then designed assembly fixtures to automate as much of the assembly as possible and used our quality checkpoints to ensure a successful build.

  • The operation of every part we produced was critical to our customer and the soldiers in the field. Standard to our offering, our process led us towards zero defect, and our fully exercised test confirmed our process – Spinnaker designed and built a test fixture for the assemblies and tested every unit.

    Spinnaker is happy to report a 100% on-time shipment and zero-defect product.

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