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Our customer could not absorb the changing demand of their market in a timely fashion. With the risk of stocking excess inventory and building defective products, we offered to leverage our buying power using our Supply Chain Management system and take over the manufacturing of more than 130 different assemblies. They accepted!


Outsourcing all electronic manufacturing to Spinnaker would allow our customer to be able to react instantly, leveraging the flexibility Spinnaker provides.

  • Spinnaker captured and documented more than 130 different box build assemblies. Spinnaker was tasked to build the PCBs, cable assemblies, and final assemblies with programmable configurations. Each product would also need to be tested with minimal customer assistance.

  • Spinnaker added 10 staff members to our team.

  • Spinnaker managed more than 700 different line items of material with metrics that included lead time and price.

  • Spinnaker stocked material and shortened lead times on many of the 700 line items.

  • Spinnaker designed test fixtures and tests for each job in compliance with strict guidelines.


  • Spinnaker automated Bill Of Material (BOM) configurations to auto import each BOM into the Material Requirements Planning (MRP) system.

  • We moved to a paperless manufacturing environment. Every workstation has a computer that centralizes all documents and job specific communications.

  • We hired, we trained, we tested and re-trained. We are committed to our employees’ success and invest in their training.

  • We identified new raw material suppliers.

  • We priced out BOMs with similar material and passed along these savings.

  • With our custom MRP program:

  • We reduced lead times

  • We drove inventory out

  • We reduced costs

    The end result for our customer was less inventory, quicker cycle times, greater profitability with our competitive advantage, superior delivery and unprecedented quality.

    Speak with us today about how we can do the same for you!

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