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Test Development

Spinnaker can provide various levels of test to suit each client product’s individual needs. Our commitment to test is our commitment to you. Where service is at the forefront of our mission, our test procedures are the means to delivering the service every client deserves. As standard practice, all of our SMT assemblies are washed and tested through our Automated Optical Inspection and pass through our stringent internal QA/QC policies. In Cables and Wire Harnesses, pretests, such as pull tests and crimp type tests, are performed on all builds before being tested for continuity, hi-pot, shorts and mis-wires, to name a few. Our electromechanical assemblies are capable of receiving full functional testing through custom test fixtures and RF test. Some RF tests include Gain/Loss, Frequency Response, VSWR (Voltage Standing Wave Ratio), Inter-Modulation Distortion and Output Power.

Every new build follows our first piece methodology, which states that a single unit is to be built and completely validated and inspected before manufacturing is to continue. In many cases, where multiple services are used to create a final product, the different sub-assemblies of PCBAs, cables, and enclosures are inspected and tested at each level.  Each sub-assembly and final assembly test solution delivers value to our customers.  To test, Spinnaker makes note of manufacturability issues, PCB design modification suggestions and we build test fixtures, disclose test results and deliver dock-to-stock products for our customers.


Test Solutions

  • Spectrum Analyzers

  • Network Analyzers

  • Dual Source Signal Generators

  • Single Source Generators

test development

We offer a range of testing options to suit each application, starting with incoming product verification and traceability to in-process testing, environmental burn-in testing and final inspection. We are an ISO 13485:2016 and 9001:2015 Certified facility. We look forward to working with our clients to help design and implement the appropriate tests for new product introductions and prototypes. Please contact us for questions on how we can meet your needs.

Flying Probe Test

PCB Assembly Testing

This is a cost-effective, high percentage of coverage test for low- to medium-volume assemblies. The flying probe test offers instant validation on prototype PCB assemblies where time to market is critical and the budget to develop a custom test fixture is not available and not as complete. Through resistance testing, the flying probe test is able to assess solder joints promptly, while still thwarting board damage through use of the soft-landing feature. As an added benefit, evaluation of premature failures are made easier with the flying probe test, enabling engineers and designers to receive full-circle feedback in a fraction of the time required by a technician alone.

test development

With our first piece methodology, our in-process testing ensures that each and every cable and wire harness is built to exacting specifications.

  • Spinnaker builds to IPC620 – class 1, 2, 3

  • We are UL and CSA certified for wire cable, harness assemblies.

Common Tests Performed:

Cable & Harness Testing

  • Hi-pot tests up to 6000Vdc

  • Continuity testing

  • Calibrated Pull tests up to 200 lbs

  • Crimp type tests

  • Cablescan programmable tests

test development

Final Assembly Testing

Our box build assemblies require a variety of tests depending on the complexity of the build. From the beginning, calibrated tools are used to assemble each and every enclosure to the proper torque values and are subject to in-process testing for completeness and verification.

SPEA 4060 AFPT: Innovations in Flying Probe Test Technology

There are many challenges in building densely populated electronic circuit boards. Maintaining high quality, keeping low volume production costs under control, and meeting aggressive time schedules force manufacturers to adopt lean, yet effective, test and quality assurance measures in their production processes.


Flying probe testers have few restrictions on access, require no test fixtures, and can test boards with a virtually unlimited number of nets, allowing test developers to turn a program around in a short time. For these reasons and more, flying probe testers have become indispensable tools in today’s electronic manufacturing systems.


A proven technology by the market leader made it easy for Spinnaker to add this equipment to the testing suite we currently offer. When there is zero room for error and validation is required, our ability to test through flying probe adds value on both the front end and the back end of a product life cycle. Have a board that has failed functional test, but want to simplify troubleshooting? Spinnaker is able to accurately narrow down the potential points of failure in a fraction of the time. Find out how our Flying Probe service can be integrated in your production needs.

test development

Key Features

  • ICT - In-Circuit Test

  • Short Circuit Test

  • Nodal Impedance test

  • Open Pin Scan

  • Power On Test

  • Functional test

  • Optical Test

  • LED light test

  • 3D Laser Test

  • Flashing

  • Boundary Scan

  • Thermal Test

  • Waveform Capture

  • Built-in-self-test

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